Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Odds and Ends or something like that....

The time just flies and I keep taking pictures, but never seem to get them to my blog!  I thought I'd post some random pictures today.  Hope you like them.

This house is wonderful and hidden back off the street and abandoned...can you imagine?  I took some pics of it one early evening and after reviewing them, I thought I saw something odd in one of them.  I won't say what it is...you tell me if you see anything weird...lol.  Here it is:

 I think I mentioned everyone rides bikes here, everywhere and every age.  If I didn't, they do! LOL

 An old window with a lace curtain.....

and a neighborhood cat in the rain... He (?) was in the backyard, under a roof, watching me.

Kind of a cool old door...

This picture is from an ancient cathedral called Amiens in France (told you they were random...lol)

Some awesome clouds........

and a walk with Ivy a few minutes later...


Catherine said...

Is it a ghost in the window?

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Beth said...

Someone...something in the upper center window????

Melissa said...

Since we are playing the guessing game - I think it looks like someone hang a big shirt there by the window. Who knows?

Love your photos. I guess you are settling in very well in your new home!

(Little voice asking - when are you going back to designing or at least selling your oop charts again? Signing off with a little smile of hope!)

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Definitely some kind of fabric or sheet hanging in front of the center upper window. Love the photos.

BTW... I think we all have the same hope as Melissa.

Rowyn said...

I love a good ghosty mystery, and can see exactly what you mean in the first photo.

Carin said...

Looks like there is something standing for the upper window. I love your pictures !!

Unknown said...

you all didn't see the little boy in the wall?

Anne Brown said...

What little boy?!


Catherine said...

I don't see a little boy either?? I keep looking, but don't see it! Anne, you need to share with us what you thought was strange - it's driving me crazy!

Clare said...

Lovely pictures in your new city.
I am looking for your pattern Pennsylvania alphabet sampler. Is it possible to get this chart from you. I love the pattern. The colours appeal to me and I would love to stitch it.

Emma said...

Hello Anne, Today is Jan. 6th, 20ll. I recently purchased your GH Book IV via telephone, and received it yesterday. Sadly, chart 2, Quaker Friendship Sampler, is missing from the envelope. The shop owner suggested contacting you. Could you please provide me with this chart? I will be eternally grateful. Janice Brady janmb@austin.rr.com

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures

thanks for sharing

Carol R said...

Not only the ghostly white thing in the upper centre window but in the upper right hand window - bottom right - I can see a child's face! The lights also appear to be on in both of the lower windows! Click the picture to enlarge and then again to make it ever bigger - it's spooky!

I can't see a little boy in the wall though.

Please tell us what you found strange Anne.

Mary said...

Ghost or sheet - who cares! I still want to live there. What beautifully romantic place covered in vines and filled with history. PS - You take beautiful photo's.

Marc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marc said...

It's part of a medieval beguinage.
Most of it is still inhabited.
Ghent is really worth a visit.

Shelby said...

There seems to be person or image in the upper middle window. Did you check it out? So curious.


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